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ANS Finland to adjust its operations

Due to the impacts of coronavirus, Air Navigation Services Finland Oy (ANS Finland) will begin cooperation negotiations. Its largest airline client Finnair as well as other airlines have cancelled flights in the period February–April. Cancellation of flights also affects the demand for air navigation services.

ANS Finland’s cooperation negotiations will concern 415 permanent employees. All regular scheduled flights from Jyväskylä, Kajaani, Kokkola and Kemi airports have been cancelled until the end of April. The number of flights from Helsinki Airport and several other airports has significantly decreased.

“Together with our staff, we are looking for ways to adjust our services to the rapid shift in the market situation,” says Raine Luojus, CEO of ANS Finland.

The issues to be negotiated include ANS Finland’s plan to meet the changed demand and the plan to reorganise the company’s international operations as well as the design and support functions of Avia College, an educational institution in the field of air navigation. The aim of the cooperation negotiations is a temporary lay-off of staff and to terminate the employment of up to five people in connection with the reorganisation. The duration of lay-offs would vary depending on the units and work tasks in question. The maximum duration of lay-offs is 90 days.