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The coronavirus has had a significant effect on traffic volumes

The instructions and recommendations by the authorities to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are currently widely reflected in travel and traffic volumes throughout Finland. 

According to the information collected by the traffic control company Traffic Management Finland, the volume of road traffic has also fallen significantly in addition to the decrease in air traffic. So far, the number of vessels in maritime traffic has remained almost unchanged. On the railways, the number of trains being operated has started to fall gradually due to the cancellations announced for 17–19 March.

In air traffic, the number of landings and take-offs fell by nearly a fifth compared to the normal situation towards the end of the week. The numbers will continue to fall significantly in the weeks to come due to the tightened regulations concerning entry into the country and the announcements of airlines.

In road traffic, the recommendations issued by the Finnish Government on 12 March to limit the spread of the coronavirus were quickly reflected in traffic volumes in the capital region as well as the rest of the country. The fall in traffic volumes has continued following the new policies introduced by the Government on 16 March.

The following is a summary of the situation on 16 March 2020:

  • Capital Region: a decrease of 22% compared to the average for week 10
  • Länsiväylä, Hanasaari measurement point: a decrease of 27.5% compared to the average for week 10
  • Southwest Finland: a decrease of 20% compared to the average for week 10
  • Pirkanmaa: a decrease of 20% compared to the average for week 10
  • South-Eastern Finland: a decrease of 16% compared to the average for week 10

“Finns have taken the recommendations concerning actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus seriously. In addition to following the air traffic restrictions and travel recommendations, many people are avoiding travel in their everyday lives, which can be seen in the sharp fall in the number of cars on the roads. Traffic Management Finland’s traffic control on land, at sea and in the air is doing everything in its power to ensure that traffic, the crucial network connecting society, continues to run smoothly also in exceptional circumstances and that traffic control services are available,” says Mikko Saariaho, Traffic Management Finland’s Chief Impact Officer.

Real-time information about the traffic situation is available through the Traffic Situation service at or the Liikennetilanne mobile application.

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