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Airplane landing Spain

International demand for Finnish air navigation competence

The international demand for Finnish air navigation competence is increasing. In recent years, Finland has sold air traffic control training and air navigation services to several European countries. Changes happening in the European market provide new service export opportunities for air navigation services that offer a competitive level of safety, quality and costs.

ANS Finland, a subsidiary of Traffic Management Finland, which sees to traffic control and management on land, at sea and in the air, has been invited to participate in the competitive bidding for the provision of air traffic control services at 12 airports in Spain.

“The European air navigation market is gradually changing and becoming more open. Various countries are opening their markets. By playing an active role and participating in the competition, we can further boost the international competitiveness of our air navigation services and ensure that we can continue to determinedly develop our operations for the benefit of Finnish air traffic operators and passengers. Our services are in demand, because the safety level, flight route optimisation and cost-effectiveness of Finnish air navigation is of world-class quality. The competitive bidding in Spain gives us the chance to put our international competitiveness to the test,” says Raine Luojus, CEO of ANS Finland. 

ANS Finland will participate in the competitive bidding for regional air traffic control services in Spain jointly with Seairtech. The contract will be made for seven years, with local air traffic controllers transferring to a new joint venture to be set up. 

ANS Finland has previously sold air traffic control training and technical air navigation measurement and maintenance services, based on commercial contracts, for example to Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Bosnia and Herzegovina.