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Mikko Saariaho vaikuttavuusjohtaja

Mikko Saariaho appointed Chief Impact Officer of TMFG

Mikko Saariaho has been appointed Chief Impact Officer of Traffic Management Finland Group (TMFG) from 1 September 2019. His responsibility area covers increasing the impact of the company and supporting the transformation of the traffic market. Chief Impact Officer is also in charge of the company’s communications, stakeholder relations and TMFG strategy process. Chief Impact Officer is a member of TMFG’s Group Leadership Team and reports to CEO Juko Hakala.

Mikko Saariaho comes to TMFG from the food product sector where he worked as Executive Vice President, Communications and Corporate Responsibility at HKScan. He has previously worked as Finavia’s communications director and has also a background in media.

“As the Chief Impact Officer, Mikko Saariaho takes on a completely new key role in our company. Together with smooth and safe traffic control, our central goal is to enable the transformation of traffic behaviour and produce environmentally sustainable benefits for Finnish society, traffic users and the economy. The Chief Impact Officer has a central role as the executor and promoter of the company strategy. He strengthens our possibilities to comprehensively direct, create and communicate the impacts of our company. I warmly welcome Mikko to work with us in this strategically important area”, says Juko Hakala.

“Finland is one of the first countries in the world to combine the control of all modes of transport in the same company. TMFG’s expertise, the traffic data we collect and the solutions we create therefore provide unique opportunities for the development of the entire traffic system. The company is strongly focused on new, customer-friendly services and acts as an enabler of new business. This work requires intensive interaction with our ecosystem partners. I bring my expertise focused on interaction to this work. I am looking forward to beginning the work and building new in a sector which is directly connected to the well-being of citizens and the society”, Mikko Saariaho says.

Further information:

Mikko Saariaho, Chief Impact Officer, Traffic Management Finland Group, from 1 September 2019, tel. +358 40 053 8352