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Toimitusjohtaja Pertti Korhonen

Pertti Korhonen to continue as CEO of Traffic Management Finland

The Board of Directors of Traffic Management Finland Ltd has selected Pertti Korhonen as the group’s CEO as of 9 March 2020. Korhonen was the chair of the Board of Directors of Traffic Management Finland in 2019, and he has been the acting CEO since 27 August 2019.

”Pertti Korhonen has started well in the position, and after a careful process, we are happy to confirm his appointment. Korhonen has diverse international experience with leading various companies and organisations in the context of change. He also has an extensive understanding of the transformation of traffic and the develoment of data business”, says the Chair of the Board of Directors Seija Turunen. 

“Last year, we provided the company with a strong strategy, which aims to make Finnish traffic the safest, smoothest and most environmentally friendly in the world. With smart traffic control solutions and new traffic services that are based on real-time information, we can make the everyday life of people on the move easier, improve the competitiveness of Finnish logistics, promote the emergence of new traffic services and reduce emissions into the environment. I’m happy to work together with the skilled personnel of Traffic Management Finland to develop our business for the benefit of all Finns”, CEO Pertti Korhonen says.

Korhonen has formerly worked as a chief technology officer and a member of the executive board in Nokia and as the CEO in Elektrobit and Outotec. In addition, Korhonen has been a board member in several different companies and organisations and acted as the chair of the board of directors in DNA and Business Finland.